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2218. I cannot locate the Scottish indicator in the edit employee section? Where is it and is there a different section for welish employee?

From April 2019, the scottish indicator is removed from the application and a common name ‘TAX REGIME’ is used to differentiate between employees of UK, Scotland ,and Welsh.

Tax Regime: If the employees wages need to be calculated according to the 'Wales', 'Scotland' or 'United Kingdom' payroll rules and regulations, then select the appropriate option from the drop down list.

For Example: If you want to set the 'Scottish' Tax Code , You must enter '1250L' in the tax code field and then select 'Scotland' in the Tax Regime drop-down. In the same way for 'Wales' or 'United Kingdom' just enter the tax code as '1250L' and choose the option from the Tax Regime Drop-down.

To define the Tax Regime, please follow the steps below:
1) Enter the Tax Code (e.g 1250L).
2) Select the appropriate Tax Regime from the drop-down.

Road Map: For Setting Tax regime
Employee -> View / Edit Employee Details -> View/Edit -> Tax Code Details - View/Edit -> Edit -> Tax Regime -> Wales/ Scotland/ United Kingdom -> Save. ('Employee' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the second button from the left)

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