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4308. How to Amend Error P60 Data?

We presume you have already moved to the new tax year 2020-21. You should be able to set right the previous tax year YTD figures using EYU.

EYU Roadmap: E-filing RTI -> E-file RTI FPS, EPS, NVR, EYU -> EYU (Earlier Year Update) -> Click Enter -> Earlier Year Update (EYU)

In the EYU screen, the last successfully e-Filed FPS data of the previous tax year, if any, will be shown on the left side.

On the right side, the EYU data calculated based on the differences between the final pay run of the previous tax year and the last successfully e-Filed FPS data is displayed.

You can verify the calculated figures shown on the screen against the Payslips or any other past year reports. The EYU data provided by the system can be edited to any figures you are happy with. Enter all the mandatory information as well as the data you wish to correct and proceed to submit EYU.

Once EYU is submitted, you can download the P60s for the amended figures from the Roadmap: Reports -> Payslip, Payroll & PAYE - View / Print -> EYU P60