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4498. Message code: 7802
Error message: "You have not been invited to submit this submission type".

What to Do Next: This message is displayed due to the reason you have not been invited to submit this type of RTI submission. Most employers started to operate their payroll in real time in April 2013.

The date you may start sending your PAYE information in real time will be on the invitation letter HMRC sent you recently. You cannot send any RTI reports until this date. If you do you will receive this error message and your RTI report will be rejected. For more information click here. Further for online registration please click here

Road Map - To E-File any RTI Submissions
E-Filing RTI -> E-file RTI EAS, FPS, EPS, NVR, EYU
( 'E-Filing RTI' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the third button from the left)