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4502. Message code: 7808
Error message: "This submission cannot be accepted as an Employer Alignment Submission is required for this Employer Reference".

What to Do Next: A Full Payment Submission cannot be accepted because an Employer Alignment Submission (EAS) is expected for Employer Reference or PAYE reference in the submission made by you. Any company having more than 250 employees, have to e-File an EAS first to join RTI. In case you try to e-File the FPS directly, you will receive this error message. Further HMRC advise that you must wait 24 hours after submitting your EAS, to proceed with FPS.

Road Map - To E-File an Employer Alignment Submission (EAS)
E-Filing RTI -> E-file RTI EAS, FPS, EPS, NVR, EYU -> EAS (Employer Alignment Submission) link -> Continue button -> Live E-filing button
( 'E-Filing RTI' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the third button from the left)