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1009. What is Basic Pay? Can I set Basic Pay not to automatically recur each pay period?
Basic Pay refers to an employee's normal wage rate during a specified pay frequency. It excludes non-regular payments such as bonuses, overtime, commission, etc. Basic Pay is a pre-set as a recurring payment - it will automatically apply to the employee's wages every time the pay is calculated. The default setting for Basic Pay is for it to recur every time you run the pay. To change it to non-recurring go to Employer/Setup in the Tasking Zone menu bar, then select the sub menu Chart of Setup, then select Basic Pay Recurring Setup in the Payrun Customisation section.

Road Map - Basic Pay Recurring Setup
Employer/Setup -> Chart of Setup - > Payrun Customisation -> Basic Pay Recurring Setup Link -> Edit button
( 'Employer/Setup' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the first button on the left)