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1105. How do I remove an Additional System User?

Suspend the Additional System User's old email account

1. To suspend the Additional System User's old email account from accessing the payroll go to Employer/Setup in the menu bar, then further select Employer Details and click on the View/Edit button next to Manage User Account.

2. (Optional Step) To help you to remember about the suspended user account you may further click on view/edit on the right to change the user name to DO NOT USE or any suitable wordings and then click on save.

3. Next click on the Additional System User bubble and then on the next screen select the Disable option for the User concerned and click on the adjacent Confirm button.

Road Map - Disable an Additional System User
Employer/Setup -> Employer Details -> ManageUserAccount View/Edit button-> Additional System User button -> Internet A/c Status -> Disable -> Confirm button
( 'Employer/Setup' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the first button on the left)