This feature allows you to set up the nominal codes for all the payment items of your payroll and export them in a CSV format from our package to another accounts package or application. To set up the nominal codes for payments simply go to Chart of Setup from the Employer / Setup drop down menu and click on the Nominal / Accounting Link Setup in the Nominal & Accounting section. Now click on the Nominal Code Setup for Payment. This screen lists the nominal codes for all your payment items. You can edit the nominal codes according to your accounts package requirements. To edit or enter the nominal codes, click on the Edit button. Enter the nominal codes as detailed in your accounting package. Click on the Save button to save the entered data.

Once you have entered your nominal codes simply process your employees' pay and update the YTD. You can then generate the Nominal Code CSV file from our service and this can be exported to another accounting package. To export the CSV file, simply click on Export Data under Others in the Tasking Zone and select the required option to continue further.

Road Map - To set up the nominal codes for payments
Employer / Setup -> Chart of Setup -> Nominal & Accounting -> Nominal / Accounting Link Setup -> Nominal / Accounting Code Setup for Payment -> Edit button -> Save button
( 'Employer / Setup' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the first button from the left)