Your Pattern word is 12 alphanumeric characters long and you will be asked to enter two random characters of your pattern word each time you Sign In. If you have forgotten your pattern word you can only retrieve it through the system. For security reasons Support Staff cannot and will not discuss any user's sign in details either over the phone or via e-mail.
To retrieve your Pattern Word, on the User Sign In screen, click on the 'Forgot Sign In button'. Further click on the To Recover Pattern Word 'Click here' button. Then select your user category. Enter your User Sign In ID, E-Mail address and click on the Continue button. Further enter your Sign In password, and the answer to your security question. If you submit all these details correctly you will then be asked to recreate all your Sign In details. Follow the on screen instructions to recreate all your Sign in details.
Road Map - To Recover Sign In Pattern Word.
User Sign In -> Forgot Sign In button -> To Recover Pattern Word 'Click here' button -> Continue button -> Submit button.
( 'User Sign In' is the screen were you enter User Sign In ID to Sign In to our application.)