Select DPS for P6, P9, SL1, SL2 from the E-Filing RTI drop down menu. Click the appropriate link to View / Download. Further click on the respective DPS login type. Enter your User Sign In password to view or download the form. Then select the form from the drop down and click on the Confirm Download button to download the selected form. You can also view the form before downloading by clicking on the View link. The forms will then be successfully downloaded. You can view the forms you downloaded by clicking on the View Downloaded Ongoing Notices button.

Please note, you can only access and download your DPS notices if you have your own HMRC ID and Password entered in the E-filing Setup section (go to Employer/Setup in the tasking zone, then select Employer Details, then click on E-filing Setup View/Edit). Your notices cannot be downloaded under our Agent HMRC ID and Password.
Road Map - To Download DPS for P6, P9, SL1, SL2, RTI

E-Filing RTI-> DPS for P6, P9, SL1, SL2 -> Click the appropriate link -> Click to Continue button -> Confirm Download button
( 'E-Filing RTI' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the third button on the left)