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4010. I know how much I want my employee to receive after tax and NI. How do I set this up?.
Use our Net to Gross option where you can enter a net figure and the program will calculate the gross amount which must be paid to the employee to ensure that they receive this amount after tax and NI are taken. The Net to Gross option can be found by going to Payrun in the Tasking Zone menu bar, then selecting the pay frequency. Next click on the Other Payments link and then the Net to Gross link. Please read the help notes attached to the section to ensure you enter the payments in the correct order.
Road Map - To View Other Payments Details
PayRun -> Process Pay -> Weekly / Monthly / 2 Weekly / 4 Weekly / Quarterly / Annual / Bi-annual -> Other Payments -> Enter Link
( 'PayRun' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the fourth button from the left)