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4040. How do I change an employee's pay frequency?
To change an employee's pay frequency click on Employee in the Tasking Zone menu bar and further click on View/Edit Employee Details from the drop down sub menu. You will see a list of all your current employees, click on the View/Edit link relating to the employee concerned. Now click on the View/Edit button in the Employment Details section and click on Edit, change the Pay Frequency and click on Save.

Please note:- The easiest time to change an employee's payment frequency is at the very start of a new tax year before processing any pay. If you want to change during the tax year you must consider how the tax periods overlap with each other. You cannot run the pay for an employee using a date that falls within a tax period that has already been updated under the old payment frequency. This ensures that tax and national insurance are calculated properly.

If you are lengthening the employee's pay frequency, for example from weekly to monthly, you should not process any tax weeks whose date range falls within tax month you wish to process now. Tax months run from the 6th of one month to the 5th of the next. In other words if you have already updated a week whose dates overlap with the new tax month, you cannot at that point change the pay frequency from weekly to monthly. You should continue to process the weeks prior to the week which overlaps the next tax month, and then change the pay frequency to monthly.
i.e. if you wanted to change from weekly to monthly in month 2, you should process the weekly pay up to week 4 then change to monthly. If however you have already run week 5, this overlaps tax month 2 so you should continue to process on a weekly basis until week 8 then switch to a monthly frequency for month 3.

If you are shortening the employee's pay frequency, for example if changing from monthly to weekly, similar rules apply. If you have already run month 1 and now want to switch to a weekly frequency, you need to make the switch from tax week 5 onwards because the updated period for tax month 1 includes tax weeks 1 to 4 within its date range of 6 April to 5 May.

Road Map Updating the Employee Employment Details
Employee -> View/Edit Employee Details -> Action -> view/edit link -> Employment Details -> View/Edit button -> Edit button on top of the screen -> change the Pay Frequency -> Save button
( 'Employee' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the second button from the left)