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4050. My Employee is not eligible for an AE pension.Why?
In our application, after the assessment for auto enrolment you may find there are one or more employees who are listed as not eligible for an auto enrolment pension. This can come down to the following reasons.

Age: If employee's age falls below 22 or above state pension age.

Earning: If the qualifying earnings falls below the earnings threshold for automatic enrolment. Click here for more information.

Payment Item settings: In the chart of set up you may have set certain payment items up so that they are not subject to or qualified for AE Pensions assessment. When you pay an employee with those payment items the payment will not be part of the AE eligibility assessment.

Employee / Contractor: If you have set 'No' for employee paying NI or Tax, then that employee effectively becomes a contractor. Contractors are not an employee and hence not eligibility for an AE pension.