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4052. How to Calculate and Claim Back Furlough Pay

Calculating Furlough Pay: Furlough Pay is 80% of your employees regular pay. Use a calculator or spreadsheet to work out the amount. eg If N = Regular Pay. Furlough Pay = N x 0.8. If you are not sure what is classed as Regular Pay, please consult HMRC for advice. Furlough payments are restricted to a monthly cap of 2,500 and are subject to Tax, NIC and Pension. A furloughed employee is not allowed to work for the company at all during the furlough period. If they do work even very reduced hours or pay, they will not be eligible for the furlough scheme.

Claiming back Furlough Pay: Again, HMRC has not yet provided a definitive answer as to how employers can claim back Furlough pay paid to their employees. We politely request that you refrain from contacting us regarding this because at this stage we are unable to help further.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We are working tirelessly behind the scenes to seek clarification from HMRC on these matters and as soon as we can we will update you.

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