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4117. I have paid my employee SMP/SAP/SPP/ShPP/SPBP. How do I claim this back from the HMRC?

By default the program will claim back 92% of all SMP paid. However, if you qualify for Small Employers Relief you can claim back 103% from the HMRC. If you are eligible you can set this up by going to Employer/Setup in the Tasking Zone menu bar, then select Chart of Setup, then select Small Employers relief Setup. Click on Edit and change the setting to Yes, then click on Save. The Employer Payment Record - EPR will be adjusted accordingly.

Road Map - Small Employer's Relief Setup
Employer/Setup -> Chart of Setup- > Payrun Customisation -> Small Employer's Relief Setup Link -> Edit button
( 'Employer/Setup' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the first button on the left)
Click to view Demo:-
Where do I find the Small Employer's Relief setting?