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4307. Time Sheet Upload Failure and Why?
If your timesheet upload failed you need to first review the following points and rectify the errors accordingly. Please do contact us if the failure has nothing to do with the points mentioned below and tell us the exact problem.
  • The timesheet must be a valid CSV format file. (Please note that a file with any other extension or format such as - *.exe, *.doc, *.pdf will not be accepted)
  • The timesheet must comply 100% with our Timesheet Specifications as detailed in the Instruction Document.
  • The timesheet must be of a reasonable size.
  • The "Pay Period End Date" in the timesheet file must correspond to the "Pay Period" selected in the Upload Timesheet Screen.
  • The pay run for the "Pay Period" for which the timesheet is uploaded must not be processed already.
  • The timesheet can only be uploaded for employees who are already created in the application.
  • The Payment/Deduction Item Code Setup in our Payment/Deduction Chart of Setup must be completed before the Timesheet is uploaded.
  • The Timesheet CSV file must not be of Poor Data Quality. In order to upload valid timesheet data, follow all the Instructions given in the Instruction Document.
Click here to download a Sample Timesheet CSV