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4406. What are the holiday schemes Available?
Our package provides four predefined holiday schemes which you can further edit according to your requirements.
To view or set up the holiday schemes available, Go to Chart of Set up under Employer / Setup on the tasking zone. Further click on the Holiday Scheme link. The screen displays the Annual Holiday Scheme Setup.

Option 1: Accrue Holiday Hourly - holiday entitlement accrues relative to the number of hours the employee works. In this type of Holiday Scheme the employee's holiday accrues according to the actual number of hours the employee has worked. Therefore, when processing the payroll of employees assigned to this scheme you should always enter the actual number of hours they worked i.e., use the Timed Basic Approach for processing the payroll.

Option 2: Pay Holiday Each Period - pay and clear the accrued holiday each pay period. In this type of Holiday Scheme the employee's holiday is accrued on a daily basis. The employee's accrued holiday for the pay period is paid and cleared (encashed) in that pay period itself and will not be carried forward to the next pay period.

Option 3: Accrue Holiday Regardless - annual holiday entitlement accrues regardless of the number of days the employee actually works. In this type of Holiday Scheme holiday is accrued by the employee on a daily or monthly basis for each pay period while processing the pay. The employee is entitled to the holiday irrespective of the number of days he/she actually worked.

Option 4: Self Defined Holiday Entitlement - define your own annual holiday entitlements which will be reduced as and when holiday is taken. In this type of Holiday Scheme the holiday entitlement is provided to the employee annually and can be taken at any time. i.e. the total holiday entitlement will be reduced if and when the employee takes holiday.

Road Map - Updating a Holiday setup
Employer / Setup -> Chart of Setup -> Holiday setup -> Holiday Scheme link -> Edit button in appropriate scheme -> Update button
( 'Employer / Setup' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the first button from the left)
Click to view Demo:-
How do I set up my Holiday Schemes?