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4429. What are the BACS Output format your application supports?
Internet Payroll Supports 14 BACS output formats. You can generate the output in the desired BACS output format and provide it to your bank for further transactions. To Instruct the bank to pay the payees by BACS is a separated process and it depends on what system you have adopted.

    We support the following BACS Output Formats:-
  • ALBANY Standard
  • Barclays BIB - CSV
  • NatWest / RBS Standard
  • NatWest Bulk List
  • BACS Standard 18
  • BottomLine Standard 18
  • TransGlobal BACS
  • HSBCnet - Hex4W(UK) BACS
  • Bankline BACSTEL-IP - NatWest Ad hoc - SPD
  • Bankline BACSTEL-IP - NatWest Ad hoc - MPD
  • Santander Connect
  • Clydesdale & Yorkshire BACS
  • NatWest PayAway