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4480. I get the following error(s) when I try to e-file my FPS to HMRC. What do I do ?
  • If Employee Start Date is entered, at least one of Start Declaration or Employee Seconded to work in UK must be completed or Annual amount of Occupational pension must be greater than zero.
  • Start Declaration is mandatory if Employee Start Date is given, unless Employee Seconded to work in UK is completed or both of 'Occupational Pension or Annuity Payment Indicator' and 'Annual amount of Occupational pension' are completed.
For new employees (Joiners), a "Starter Declaration" is required and must be reported on their first FPS.

The only exemption to this condition being, New "Occupational Pensioners" and "Employees Seconded to Work in the UK" (Expat employees), for whom a "Starter Declaration" should not be filled.

A Starter Declaration can be set up in:-

  • Employee -> View/Edit Employee Details -> View/Edit -> P45(3) / Starter checklist Details -> Enter Starter checklist Details -> Employee Selected Statement in Starter Checklist -> Statement A/B/C (Starter Declaration)
    ( 'Employee' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the Second button from the left)