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4495. Payroll ID (Works Number) Errors
If you see the error "Please check the Payroll Id or Works Number for invalid characters" when you try to E-File your FPS, you need to do the following

Step 1: You need to do a roll back of this employee's payroll by one pay period and then re-run the same pay period again.
Instructions on how to do the roll back and re-run the payroll can be found under FAQ - 10.

Step 2: You need to amend this employee's Payroll Id or Works Number details.
Instructions on where and how to amend the employee's Works No / Payroll ID details are located under FAQ 10 under subheading Works No / Payroll ID.

Step 3: You need to click on the FPS return again to re-submit the data. FAQs are situated at the right hand top corner of the web page.

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How to correct / amend an Employee's Works No / Payroll ID?
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