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4504. Message code: 7810
Error message: "This submission cannot be accepted as the pre-defined date for the previous tax year has not yet passed".

What to Do Next: An Earlier Year Update cannot be accepted because the pre-defined date (currently 19th April inclusive) for the previous tax year has not yet passed. You may E-File YTD FPS if you need to make any modifications to the Final FPS values submitted for your employees. But HMRC requires you to send YTD FPS only after 19th April. In case you tried E-Filing YTD FPS before 19th April you will receive this error message.

Road Map - To E-File an Year to Date FPS (YTD FPS)
E-Filing RTI -> E-file RTI FPS, EPS, NVR, YTD FPS -> YTD FPS (Year to Date FPS)
( 'E-Filing RTI' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the third button from the left)