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4510. Create a Pensioner. How?
You can create the "Pensioner" by selecting the Employee / Pensioner Type as the "Pensioner" under the Add New Employee section. Further enter the Pension Start Date, Annual Pension Amount and Employee's Employment Start Date.

In the process you should use Tax Code 0T on a week 1/month 1 basis on the employee's pension payment and continue to use the same Tax code as before on the employment income. Followed by process the pay and E-File the FPS in which the annual amount of the occupational pension and the occupational pension indicator will be automatically included in it.

Note: Starter Declaration should not be entered for Pensioner & Expat Employees'. In case entered you will be receiving an error message while E-Filing an FPS.

Road Map To Add a "Pensioner"
Employee -> Add New Employee -> Employee Employment Details -> Employee / Pensioner Type -> Select "Pensioner" -> Continue button -> Continue button -> Continue button -> Finish button
( 'Employee' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the second button from the left )