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4569. FT5507 - Unable to continue - The current process period for this employee is already updated
This error message appears whenever you are trying to Re-Process the pay of an employee for a particular period for which you have already processed and updated the YTD. If you wish to amend any of the processed pay periods then you need to Rollback and Rerun the pay Period.

Road Map for Rollback of an Active Employee

Step 1: Go to the Others Menu in the tasking Zone and Select the Submenu "Rollback"
Step 2: Further select Rollback Active Employee and read through the instructions in the screen.
Step 3: Now Click on "Continue" button and click on the Rollback link for the appropriate employee.
Step 4: Select the Rollback Period from the list of periods where in pay was processed and click on continue button.
Step 5: Following the process Click on Confirm Rollback button

Others -> Rollback -> Rollback Active Employee -> continue button -> Action -> Rollback link -> continue button -> confirm Rollback button
( 'Others' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the First button from the right)