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4729. After importing/migrating my Employee YTD details why isn't SMP being calculated?

After importing your employee's details you still need to enter your employee's Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) figure in the SMP section in order for the SMP to be calculated. This figure will need to be obtained from your previous payroll software.

To enter the AWE go to the SMP record by following the Road Map below.
Road Map - To Add Average Weekly Earnings for SMP.
PayRun ->Process Pay -> Weekly / Monthly / 2 Weekly / 4 Weekly / Quarterly / Annual / Bi-annual -> Other Payments -> Enter Link -> P5. SMP/SAP/SPP/ShPP/SPBP Payment & Record -> Please click here to enter SMP/SAP/SPP/ShPP/SPBP Payment & Record Link -> S1 View / Edit link -> Edit
( 'PayRun' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the fourth button from the left.)

For the option 'Enter Average Weekly Earnings manually?' select Yes and enter the AWE figure in the box below, then click on Update. SMP should then be calculated for the employee when you run her pay.