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4751. How can I stop the deduction of ShPP(Birth) that is continuing from the previous tax year?
If you have any old ShPP(Birth) deductions which started in the previous tax year (prior to 5th April ), please follow the road map below to stop those deductions from continuing for the current tax year :

Road Map: ShPP Deduction

Step 1: Using Others > Rollback > Rollback Active Employee option, rollback April month pay & redo payrun.

Step 2: While reprocessing, PayRun -> Process Pay -> Monthly -> Other Payments -> Enter Link -> SMP / SAP / SPP / ShPP Payment & Record -> ShPP Birth Details -> Please click View / Edit to amend ShPP Birth Details -> Click Edit button ->Set Manual Calculation as "Yes".

Step 3: Then enter the Shared Parental Pay (ShPP) Birth Amount for Manual Calculation as "Zero" and Update The April payment will be corrected when you process & e-file (amended YTD figures) FPS for May.

Please Note: This is not applicable for ShPP(Adoption).