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4753. FT5548 - Unable to continue - Employee is aged 21 or under 21 years of age but Current NI Category is not one of M, Z.

This error occurs if any of your employees are in the age category 16 - 21 and their NI categories are wrongly assigned.If you employ someone aged over 16 but under 21 you’ll have to choose one of these (M,Z) National Insurance categories when assessing their secondary NICs.

Our software does the NI category check based on the age for "under 21" employees when you process pay and stops you from proceeding further. It doesn't change the NI category. So, in case you've erroneously processed the pay with wrong NI Category and you wish to amend it, update correct NI category and then re-do payrun process. To correct the NI category for employees aged under 21 follow the road map below:

Road Map: Editing the NI categories:
Employee -> View/Edit employee details -> View/Edit-> NI category details ->Select NI ->Save
('Employee' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the second button from the left )