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4779. Commiting client YTD data in batch. How?

Select the pay frequency and Pay period for which you want to Commit YTD. Commit YTD means all your Year to Date data is committed to the database, to bring the database up to date. Once the data is committed you cannot amend it. If you are not 100% sure that the current pay period's data is correct, you should review the data before committing the YTD.

The batch process facility now allows you to commit YTD for all the clients at the same time. All these clients will be listed in the commit YTD page, you need to just click on the 'Select All' link and then further click on the 'Commit YTD' button.

The batch process facility is currently available for those clients who have at most 3 employees.

Please follow the steps below:
Step 1 : Go to Bureau Main Page and click on 'Batch Process' link.
Step 2 : Click on 'Commit YTD ' link.
Step 3 : Select the tax frequency.
Step 4 : Click on 'Select All' link.
Step 5 : Then click on ' Commit YTD' button.

Road map :
Bureau Main Page -> Batch Process -> Commit YTD -> Tax frequency -> Select All -> Commit YTD