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4780. Where do I View/Print my client Payslip in batch?

You can view/print/download payslips in batch for the selected pay period. Currently this facility is available for those clients who have at most 3 employees.

To View/Print Payslip in batches, you must select the employee by ticking the tick box adjacent to his/her name. If the employee is not selected, his/her Payslip will not be printed.

You can also select all the employees on this page at a time by clicking on the Select All link. Payslips can also be e-mailed for the respective clients if the email ID is provided.

Please follow the steps below:
Step 1 : Go to Bureau Main Page and click on 'Batch Process' link.
Step 2 : Click on 'View/Print Payslip' link.
Step 3 : Select the tax frequency.
Step 4 : Click on 'Select All' link.
Step 5 : Then click on 'Download Batch / E-mail Batch' button.

Road map :
Bureau Main Page -> Batch Process -> View/Print Payslip -> Tax frequency -> Select All -> Download Batch / E-mail Batch