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4781. Batch E-filing FPS data. How?

A Full Payment Submission ( FPS ) is used to tell HMRC about all the payments and deductions made for the employees. Our system provides you a facility to e-file FPS data in batch for the selected pay period.

You can also check the E-filing status of your FPS Data by just selecting the respective Tax year. The FPS E-Filed Status report will total all your employees’ PAYE tax, NICs, Statutory Payments and shows total amount payable to HMRC.

Currently this facility is available for those clients who have at most 3 employees.

It's important to know that a delay occurs in e-filing since the data will be queued up in the channel for e-filing.

Please follow the steps below:
Step 1 : Go to Bureau Main Page and click on 'Batch Process' link.
Step 2 : Click on ' E-file FPS Data' link.
Step 3 : Select the tax frequency.
Step 4 : Click on 'Select All' link.
Step 5 : Then click on 'E-File Batch' button.

Road map :
Bureau Main Page -> Batch Process -> E-file FPS Data -> Select All -> E-File Batch