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5104. How do I make an e-payment to HMRC?
Select Finance from the Tasking Zone menu bar, then select 'Pay HMRC (Tax and NI)' further click on 'Employer Payment Record EPR (P32 replacement)'. Now click on 'E-Payment to HMRC' and select the appropriate E-Payment method. Our service will give you the information and references for the HMRC offices so that you can easily make an E-Payment yourself via Internet banking, telephone banking or any other banking facilities.
Road Map - E-Payment to HMRC
Finance -> Pay HMRC (Tax & NI) -> Employer Payment Record - EPR (P32 replacement) -> E-Payment to HMRC -> Select E-Payment Method
( 'Finance' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the fourth button from the right)