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5119. Why is my nominal accounting export to accounting software not balancing?

There are a few possible reasons why your nominal accounting export to accounting may not be balanced. One possibility is that you have an unmapped Payment Items or Deduction Items in the Chart of Setup - Nominal / Accounting Link Setup. To check this, follow these steps below:-

Step:1 Click on Chart of Setup -> Nominal / Accounting Link Setup ( listed under NOMINAL & ACCOUNTING group ).

Step:2 Click on the link -> Nominal / Accounting Code Setup for Payment/Deduction

Step:3 The screen displays the complete list of Employer Payment/Deduction Nominal Code Details for your company.

Step:4 Click on the Edit button and key in the Nominal Code for the still "not-yet-mapped" Payment/Deduction Item and click the Save button.

Step:5 Now generate the accounting software Report afresh and retry importing to the accounting package. It should work fine.

Another possibility is that there is an error in your nominal accounting data. To check this, you can review your nominal accounting export and compare it to your accounting system records. If you find any errors, you can correct them in your nominal accounting system and then re-export the data.

If you are still having trouble balancing your nominal accounting export, you can contact your support team for assistance.