Rollback enables you to go back to a specific pay period for any of your employees and permanently delete any pay processing carried out after that pay period. This can be used to erase any errors made in the pay run. This option can only be used to clear pay history. The employee's basic records, i.e. address and contact details, will not be affected, but all cumulative values, pay histories and absence records will be permanently deleted for the periods rolled back. Please note, when you roll back an employee’s pay, the corresponding Employer Payment Record - EPR (P32 replacement) values will be adjusted accordingly. We recommend that you do not roll back if the processed pay details have already been submitted to the HMRC.

To rollback a current employee, select Rollback Employees from the “Others “ drop down menu. Select Rollback Active Employee to roll back the pay periods of current employees. Read through the instructions and click on the Continue button. Now, click on the Rollback link for the employee you wish to rollback. Tick the period(s) you wish to roll back and click the Continue button. Further enter your Sign In password to confirm the rollback. All your employee's pay run data will be rolled back to the pay period you have selected.
Road Map – To Rollback an Active Employee
Others -> Rollback -> Rollback Active Employee -> continue button -> Rollback link -> continue button -> confirm Rollback button
( 'Others' is the button positioned in the tasking zone menu at the top. It is the First button from the right )