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Employee Migration:
If you want to port to our payroll system from any other manual system or software package, for that you need to migrate your existing employees' details on to our system .You can migrate all your employees' in one shot using a spreadsheet at any point of time within a tax year.Our application supports 2 ways of employee migration (i) Create employee one by one using Add New Employee option , and (ii) Import employee details through the spreadsheet.To Import the employees data from your package to our package you have to follow the below 3 steps.

  7301. How do I import / migrate the employees data from one package to Internet Payroll?
7301 a. How to Import your Employee Data using a Spreadsheet ?
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  7301 b. How to upload your Employee Details in a CSV file into our package?  
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  7301 c. View Uploaded / Imported Employee Data Status  
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