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7302 How do i correct CIS Deduction Suffered Error?

If you entered a figure into the CIS field on the EPS by mistake either because of reclaim CIS SUFFERED or EMPLOYMENT ALLOWANCE and have e-filed the figure to HMRC the following will tell you how to correct things.

Please note: Negative figures can not be entered nor efiled for "CIS Deduction Suffered". HMRC will not accept negative "CIS Deduction Suffered YTD" figures in an EPS submission.

You can however file another EPS for the same month containing the correct Year To Date (YTD) values for CIS Deductions Suffered to cancel out/replace the EPS containing the CIS figure.

To correct the Month 1 or any month EPS "CIS Deduction Suffered" figures take the steps as follows :

  1. Select the month you made the mistake, eg month 1, from the drop down, in the Efile EPS screen.
  2. Enter 0 for the "CIS Deduction Suffered", the corresponding YTD will automatically become 0.0
  3. Click on the Continue button, and go ahead to Efile Month 1 EPS