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Getting Started With Internet Payroll.

Step 1: SignUp

To start using internet payroll you need to first signup and create an account. Based on your requirement you can signup as an Individual Company, a Multisite Company or a Pay Bureau/Agent. The signup process is very simple and quick.

As a part of the signup process, you need to first enter some basic company details. Once you submit this, an activation email containing a User ID and an activation link will be sent to your e-mail address. Click on the activation link to activate your account and proceed to set up your signin security credentials (Password, Pattern word etc..).

Note: Remember, never disclose your credentials to anyone, as someone may misuse it. So keep it safe for your future reference.

SignUp process with Internet Payroll.

Step 2: SignIn

To signin, Click here  to go to the SignIn page. Click on SignIn button and enter your activated signin credentials (User ID, E-Mail, Password and Pattern word).You can then start to run your payroll from anywhere anytime.

SignIn process with Internet Payroll.

Step 3: Add New Employee

To add employees' in the payroll, enter basic employee information such as Personal Details, PAYE & NI details, Pension Details etc. You can either manually add employees one by one or import all the employees' information in one go using a spreadsheet.

Note: Before adding new employee records we recommend you first go to the Chart of Setup section and set up all basic settings for payroll so that you can assign the new employees' to their respective categories as you add them.

Road Map - To view/edit the employee details go to, Employee -> View / Edit Employee Details.

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Step 4: Process Payrun

Once you add the employees' and set up the necessary pay items, you can proceed to process pay for employees'. You can either process pay in bulk using a spreadsheet or manually enter employees' pay data one by one in the application.

How do I process the pay?

Step 5: E-File RTI Data

You can directly e-file the RTI returns to HMRC at the end of each pay run process. All the RTI forms will be automatically compiled ready for you to view, approve and e-file to HMRC. The range of RTI returns includes FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU.

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Step 6: Reports

The system provides a wide range of reports. All the key data reports are in CSV and XML files ready for you to export.

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Help and Support

We have implemented an extensive user-friendly help and FAQ system including both written and visual communication (Video demo) for your assistance  Click here  to visit our FAQ website.